The Twitter Files Infographic Poster (Folded)


Files reveal how the government pressured the social media giant into censoring a large number of accounts.

Documents revealed by Twitter’s new owner, tech billionaire Elon Musk, show the social media company has been intertwined with a government–private censorship apparatus. 

Twitter suppressed or removed content on various subjects, including irregularities in the 2020 elections, mail-in voting issues, and various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company was under government pressure to purge such content and its purveyors from the platform, though most of the time it was cooperating with the censorship requests willingly, the documents indicate.

Size: 37.5 inches (W) x 20 inches (H)
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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Palazzolo
Twitter Files review

This is a great outline of strictly factual current American history, which is why I purchased it. The current batch of Progressives (read as communists) will surely try and erase it just as they're trying to erase much of our other history that doesn't fit their socialist narrative. I will teach my grandchildren from this and a score of others I have purchased fro the Epoch Times!! They are a rich source of documented history and information my grandkids won't be taught, even in the private schools they're attending!!

Aaron Hubbell
Facts Facts Facts

I love the Epoch times! This infographic, as well as the others i have, are GREAT for group discussions because it clearly shows the facts in a timely manner, without in bias sprinkled in. This is great to be able to point to a topic to show the connections between people and events! I love showing it to people, they are truly surprised there are those out there who can intelligently organize the truth of what is going on!


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