Epoch Insight Magazine - The Border Crisis And America's Fate (Week 38)

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Over the past 20 months, an estimated 5 million people have illegally crossed the southern border.

The crisis on the border briefly received national attention this month when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew 50 illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard.

The reality on the border, however, is grueling–and nonstop.

Ranchers who live on the border frequently find dead bodies on their properties.

High-speed pursuits of smugglers' vehicles through border towns pose significant safety risks for communities.

Tons of fentanyl smuggled over the border kill tens of thousands of Americans.

Those smuggled into the country often end up in a new form of slavery, beholden to the cartels as they try to pay off their debts.

The border crisis affects the whole nation, in all areas of life.

In this special report by The Epoch Times, you will learn about the realities of living on the border and the human cost of unfettered illegal immigration.  

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