Epoch Times Ceramic Coaster


This durable Epoch Times Ceramic Coaster from Taiwan is the perfect way to protect your surfaces while showing off your love for the Epoch Times. Its glossy finish is sure to make a lasting impression! 

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Customer Reviews

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Kurt Koch

A beautiful and sturdy coaster, which protects my wood end table in addition to showing the newspaper that symbolizes veracity.

Printed Logo was on the wrong side of cup

I’m right handed. I drink coffee from a cup with only my right hand. I’m 80 years old and wanted to meet like minded conservatives at the local Senior Center. I wanted the Logo on the cup (only one Logo on cup) to face away from me so that like minded conservatives who recognize the Logo as The Epoch Times might make a comment about the cup. I could immediately make a new like minded friend. The Senior Center is over run with idiots who I really don’t have time to argue with. I reasoned that the Logo on the cup could possibly spark a conversation with a fellow intelligent Senior Citizen. Since the logo on the cup faces me, nobody can see the Logo. I’m not going to rotate the cup 180 degrees every time I take a sip. Let me know if a two Logo cup becomes available.

Goes well with the NYC mug

Simple, stylish, and functional, as expected