Epoch Times NYC Mug

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Enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in this stylish 16 oz Epoch Times mug. Featuring a stylish New York Cityscape design, this mug is a perfect addition to your kitchen. Crafted with a high quality porcelain and made in Taiwan, this mug is sure to become a staple piece in your collection. 

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Customer Reviews

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M McElroy
A great mug!

I love that this is a larger mug ! I can sip on my coffee while reading my morning Epoch times articles without having to refill it ! Love it !

Donald Cheney
Disappointed Cup

I intend to use the cup for my morning coffee at my local Senior Center. However since the symbol for The Epoch Times is only on one side of the cup … the wrong side. The symbol faces me. I expected the symbol to be on both sides. I’m right handed. I never would have bought the cup if I knew exactly what I was getting. I give the cup 2 stars out of 5. I wanted to signal to like minded people that I am conservative and maybe make new like minded friends but having to turn the cup 180 degrees after taking a sip is too awkward.

Great mug

Good quality and craftsmanship. Great for the morning brew

It’s a Jumbo???

Excellent quality in every way… but it’s a “Jumbo” size mug which makes it impractical. Won’t fit an F-150 cup holder for instance. Who knew???