The Gabi Master A Brewer - Pour Over Coffee Dripper



 Anyone can brew barista quality coffee with this award-winning coffee dripper! 

✔ Manufactured in Korea 
✔ Choice of the Champion at the 2018 World Barista Championship
✔ Adopted as an official equipment at the 2019 World Aromaster Championship

The Gabi is a coffee dripper that gently and evenly disperses water throughout your coffee grounds. Just pour hot water and wait for your coffee to brew. 

Unlike a pour-over brewer, which requires you to time your pours and weigh the water, The Gabi automatically drips for you. No timing or weighing is required. 

The Gabi brews single-serve portions and sits on top of a mug, glass, or coffee jug of your choice. Made with the same heat-resistant plastic used for baby bottles. This brewer is easy to clean and fits inside a square box. 

The Gabi doesn't require electricity to run and is small, portable, and convenient. You can bring The Gabi anywhere you go - in your RV, at your hotel, and at the cabin. As long as you have hot water, you can enjoy delicious coffee anywhere with The Gabi. 

Note: You will need a filter every time you use The Gabi to brew a cup of coffee. You can either purchase Kalita Wave 155 filters or buy The Gabi's own filters.

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Customer Reviews

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Kim Peters
NOT WORTH THE MONEY - Stick with Melita

Small and light weight so it tends to topple off carafe. If I had known this, I would not have bought it. Too many parts and they don't clip together. I'll stick with my Melita cone and filters. NOT WORTH THE MONEY!