Epoch Coffee Gold Blend (Whole Bean) - Sale Extended Until May 30

$15.00 $20.00

The Epoch Coffee Gold Blend is uniquely roasted to a golden color. Made with a blend of premium grade 1 quality, 100% Arabica beans. This blend combines the best flavors of coffee from Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Expect a nutty brew with brown sugar, milk chocolate and tropical notes. 

Roasted in small batches and hand packed for The Epoch Times by DAYES Coffee Roasters, NY, USA.  


Bean Quality: Premium Grade 1 

Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Milk chocolate, Nutty, Tropical

Roasting Point: Medium

Caffeine Level: Full Caffeine  

Coffee Origins: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 

Bean Type: 100% Arabica Coffee. 

Net Weight: 12 oz (340g)


Now as you read the nation’s most truthful news, you can enjoy a balanced brew with notes of brown sugar and milk chocolate, complemented by a light, nutty finish. 

To achieve this delicate flavor, our roasters source the finest grade one Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia, and then medium roast them in small batches to ensure the perfect aroma and mouthfeel, every time. 

And while you’re waking up your mind, you’re also helping The Epoch Times wake up the nation! Every bag of Epoch Coffee supports our work to bring back free speech, overcome censorship, and restore Truth and Tradition to America. 


 Coffee packaging 100% designed and made in USA. Roasted in USA. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

Nice color, smooth, tasty, exiting!

Allen Gray
Good taste and not burnt

The last few brands of medium roast I've tried recently have tasted burnt. This brand tastes good and not burnt.

Craig W Warford
Nice smooth flavor

No bitterness or acidity at all in this blend. Not particularly strong, but great flavor. We went through it very quickly.

Eric Locker
Not a Connoisseur

Mellow tasting coffee. Not bitter, no bitter aftertaste. I drink it black. No sugar. No cream.

No name


Bonnie Phelps
Delicious Coffee!

Your coffee was perfect for last minute Christmas gifts. I don’t drink coffee but got rave reviews from the coffee-lovers I gave it to. Ordering more now. Thank you Epoch Patriots for a wonderful coffee.

George Welch
Great coffee

You can actually taste the coffee, which is a very good flavor! Only wished we had a choice on ground or whole bean….

Dorian Filip
Great Tasting Coffee

Very good flavor, happy to start my morning with the gold blend. Definitely recommend it. Thank you!

Charity Haynes
Great aroma, great taste.

The aroma filled the whole house, and it tastes as good as it smells.

John Roberts

We enjoyed the coffee but found it to be about average to other brands we buy.