How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World (EU)


Complete with Volumes 1 and 2 of "How The Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World"

Communism is neither a trend of thought, nor a doctrine, nor a failed attempt at a new way of ordering human affairs. Instead, it should be understood as a devil — an evil specter forged by hate, degeneracy, and other elemental forces in the universe.
THOUGH THE COMMUNIST REGIMES of Eastern Europe have disintegrated, the specter of communism has not disappeared. On the contrary, this evil specter is already ruling our world, and humanity must not harbor a mistaken sense of optimism. Communist China has replaced the Soviet Union as the primary threat to the free world, building up its strength in a bid for global hegemony. Europe embraces socialism, and Africa and Latin America are enveloped in communist influence. Even the United States — the leader of the free world — has fallen prey to communism and its variants. This is the startling reality humankind faces.

HOW THE SPECTER OF COMMUNISM IS RULING OUR WORLD is a must-read for every freedom-loving individual. The book reveals the ways in which the communist specter has burrowed into the minds of today’s people. It charts communism’s global advance and explains how this specter has embedded itself in nearly every facet of today’s society — from education to the judicial system — and the path humanity must take to escape its grip.

"It should be emphasized that nearly all people in the world, especially those who attended college after the 1960s, have been exposed to communist influences."


Table of Contents

1. Communism: A Devil Bent on the Destruction of Humanity
2. The Devil’s Ways and Means 
3. Communism: The Devil’s Ideology
4. A Metaphysical Understanding of the Devil
5. The Devil’s Many Faces
6. Socialism: The Preliminary Stage of Communism
7. Romantic Notions About Communism
8. The Destruction of Culture and Morality
9. Returning to the Divine and Tradition 

Chapter One: The Specter’s Strategies for Destroying Humanity
1. The Corruption of Human Thought
2. The Subversion of Traditional Culture
3. Communism in the East and the West
4. The Breakdown of Society
5. The Divide-and-Conquer Strategy
6. Deception and Defense

Chapter Two: Communism’s European Beginnings
1. Karl Marx’s Satanic Works
2. Marxism’s Historical Context
3. The French Revolution
4. Communism’s Debut in Paris
5. First Europe, Then the World

Chapter Three: Tyranny in the East
1. The Rise of Totalitarian Communism
2. The Brutality of Communist Rule
3. A Century of Killing

Chapter Four: Exporting Revolution
1. Exporting Revolution to Asia
2. Exporting Revolution to Latin America and Africa
3. Socialism in Eastern Europe
4. Communism After the Cold War

Chapter Five, Part I: Infiltrating the West
1. Communism via Violence and Nonviolence
2. War of Espionage and Disinformation
3. From the New Deal to Progressivism
4. The Cultural Revolution of the West
5. The Anti-War and Civil Rights Movements

Chapter Five, Part II: Infiltrating the West
6. The American Marxist
7. The Long March Through the Institutions
8. Political Correctness
9. Socialism Across Europe
10. Falling for the Devil’s Tricks

Chapter Six: The Revolt Against God
1. In the East: A Violent Revolt Against God
2. In the West: Infiltrating and Weakening the Church
3. Communism’s Twisted Theology
4. Religious Chaos

Chapter Seven, Part I: The Destruction of the Family
1. Communism’s Aim to Abolish the Traditional Family
2. Communism’s Promotion of Promiscuity
3. Early Attempts at Sexual Liberation Under Communism
4. How Communism Destroys Families in the West

Chapter Seven, Part II: The Destruction of the Family
4. How Communism Destroys Families in the West (continued)
5. How the Chinese Communist Party Destroys Families
6. The Consequences of Communism’s Assault on the Family

Chapter Eight, Part I: How Communism Sows Chaos in Politics
1. Communism: The Politics of Humanity’s Destruction
2. Bringing Government Under Leftist Control
3. Hatred and Struggle: The Invariable Course of Communist Politics

Chapter Eight, Part II: How Communism Sows Chaos in Politics
4. Politics Through Violence and Lies
5. The Road to Totalitarianism
6. Communism’s Threat to Basic Values

Chapter Nine, Part I: The Communist Economic Trap
1. State Ownership and Planned Economies: Systems of Slavery
2. Western Countries: Practicing Communism by Another Name

Chapter Nine, Part II: The Communist Economic Trap
3. The Dystopian Socialism of the Chinese Communist Party
4. The Ravages of Socialism in the Developing World
5. Marx’s Theory of Exploitation: An Inversion of Good and Evil
6. Hatred and Jealousy: The Origin of Absolute Egalitarianism
7. Communist ‘Ideals’: Tempting Man Toward His Own Destruction
8. Morality, Prosperity, and Peace

Chapter Ten: Corrupting the Legal System
1. Law and Faith
2. Law Under Communist Tyrannies
3. How Communism Warps the Law in the West
4. Restoring the Spirit of the Law

Chapter Eleven: Desecrating the Arts
1. Art: A Gift From the Divine
2. Art’s Immense Influence on Humanity
3. Communism’s Sabotage and Abuse of Art
4. Reviving True Art

Chapter Twelve, Part I: Sabotaging Education
1. Communist Elements in Primary and Secondary Education

Chapter Twelve, Part II: Sabotaging Education
2. Communism in Western Universities
3. How Communism Destroyed Education in China
4. Returning to Traditional Education

Chapter Thirteen: The Media — The Specter’s Mouthpiece
1. Mass Indoctrination in Communist Countries
2. Communist Infiltration of Western Media and Hollywood
3. Left-Wing Bias Among Media Professionals
4. The Media Takeover by Liberalism and Progressivism
5. The Film Industry: Vanguard Against Tradition
6. Television: Corruption in Every Household
7. The Media: A Key Battleground in a Total War
8. Restoring the Integrity of the ‘Fourth Branch’

Chapter Fourteen: Popular Culture – A Decadent Indulgence
1. Communist Party Culture
2. Communism’s Subversion of Western Mass Culture
3. Pop Culture and Social Chaos
4. Recovering the Moral Foundations of Human Culture

Chapter Fifteen: The Communist Roots of Terrorism
1. Terrorism and Communist Revolution
2. How Communist Regimes Export Terror
3. The Communist Origins of Islamic Extremism
4. The Chinese Communist Party’s Support of Terrorism
5. The Convergence of Terrorism and the West’s Radical Left
6. Ending the Fundamental Cause of Terrorism

Chapter Sixteen, Part I: The Communism Behind Environmentalism
1. Communism and the Environmental Movement
2. Climate Change

Chapter Sixteen, Part II: The Communism Behind Environmentalism
2. Climate Change (continued)
3. Communist Environmentalism
4. Finding a True Solution to the Environmental Crisis

Chapter Seventeen: Globalization and Communism
1. Globalism and Communism
2. Economic Globalization
3. Political Globalization
4. Cultural Globalization: A Means of Corrupting Humanity
5. Upholding National Heritage and Universal Values

Chapter Eighteen, Part I: The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Ambitions
1. The Chinese Communist Party’s Ambition to Dominate the World
2. Communist China’s Strategies for World Domination

Chapter Eighteen, Part II: The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Ambitions
3. Unrestricted Warfare With Chinese Communist Characteristics
4. The Communist ‘China Model.’
5. Lessons Learned and the Way Out

Conclusion: How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

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