Special Edition: Defending the Constitution (59-Page Magazine)


An Epoch Times special magazine, containing a series of ten essays defending our Constitution against unfair accusations from political “progressives” by leading scholar on the Constitution and contributor to The Epoch Times, Rob Natelson. 

Essay 1: The Left Is Wrong: The Constitution Never Discriminated Against Women
Essay 2: The ‘Three-Fifths Compromise’ Was Not Based on Racism
Essay 3: Why the Founders Couldn’t Abolish Slavery
Essay 4: Why State Equality in the Senate Makes Sense
Essay 5: The Framers Did Not Violate Their Trust
Essay 6: Defending the Constitution From the ‘Living Constitutionalists’
Essay 7: The 2nd Amendment Is Not Outdated
Essay 8: Limits on Federal Authority
Essay 9: The Founders’ Words Were Not ‘Meaningless’ or ‘Vague’ 
Essay 10: The Constitution and Gender Equality