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IN 2005, The Epoch Times was invited to testify before Congress about the Chinese regime’s harassment: the theft of newspapers, threats against our staff’s family members living in China, calls made by consular officials to our advertisers, and so on.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) did everything they could to shut us down and failed. Fourteen years later, we are the fastest-growing English-language newspaper in the United States and the most widely distributed Chinese language newspaper outside of China, with editions in 21 languages and in 33 countries.

Our success is due to getting the fundamentals right: honest reporting grounded in time-tested principles about the most important issues. With our reporting, we’ve often been ahead of the pack.

For instance, our reporting over the last two years on “Spygate”—the effort to undermine President Donald Trump’s administration through illegal surveillance and fake accusations of collusion—has been proven correct.

In fact, The Epoch Times has been a leader in reporting truthfully on Trump’s presidency. While other media have focused on manufactured controversies, we have covered the real work the Trump administration is doing.

For years, we have sought to explain to our readers the dangers of socialism, which is the entering wedge of communism.

Recently, we have seen spirited advocates for socialism explode on the American political scene. Suddenly, the foundational values of our American system are at stake, as leading figures in one of our political parties advocate for the fundamental transformation of our nation.

In the midst of this dangerous business of contending over such fundamental principles, the value of our nation’s press will be tested.

A free press has always been essential to a free republic, and a press-worthy of its freedom reports the news honestly and truthfully.

In our pursuit of the truth, The Epoch Times will vindicate the freedom of the press. Our responsible, honest reporting will help our readers distinguish the real from the fake. We will defend freedom by continuing to debunk the false promises of socialism while making the case for our found- ing principles. But something more is needed.

At its core, a nation’s fate is determined by its morality. Our lifestyle sections thus cover family, health, and the arts from a traditional viewpoint. The future will be won by returning to such an understanding.

Publisher, U.S. Editions