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Is the United States becoming a police state? The answer seems to be yes, because many of the features of police state–such as widespread surveillance of citizens, censorship and suppression of free speech, ideological indoctrination in schools and the media, political targeting of dissidents, and political prisoners—are now present and observable in the United States.

Indeed, both sides of the political aisle agree that America is in danger of losing its democracy and its liberty. The only difference is that each accuses the other of seeking to establish a police state. Who’s right? The film resolves the question by defining what a police state is, and showing how it got started and how it operates, both behind the scenes and out in the open.

The film shows how the police state emerged out of the ashes of 9/11, when citizens gave their government a whole new set of police powers, intending that those be used against Islamic terrorists from abroad. Over time, remarkably, those same powers were turned against American citizens—patriots, Christians and conservatives—who are accused of being domestic terrorists.

The film also identifies Donald Trump as the primary target of the police state, and the January 6 protesters—some serving long sentences for peacefully entering the Capitol to make their voices heard–as the first political prisoners in peacetime U.S. history. Working in collaboration with Dan Bongino—former NYPD officer, Secret Service Agent, and now political commentator—Dinesh D’Souza burrows deep into the bowels of the police state, interviewing insiders and whistleblowers, and also ordinary citizens who have been hounded, raided and targeted by an expansive police state apparatus that stretches across the public, private and nonprofit sector.

This is Dinesh D’Souza’s scariest and timeliest film—an urgent warning to all Americans to protect our basic liberties, before it’s too late.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Margaret Ryder

This is the second Police State DVD I have purchased. I sent the first one to my brother after I had watched it. I feel this film needs to be seen by as many people as possible so they understand the real possibility of totally losing our county completely.

Ernest Ecker
In the final Days

It doesn't surprise me at all, 48 years ago I came from Germany to the most free and beautiful Country the USA, I have seen a Socialist regime..... and now it's time for the WEF to take over , Biblical we live in the Birth-Pains , Have Faith.....

Carl Harris

Tyranny is the result of giving up our freedom without a fight. There are many ways to fight tyranny. We need to learn how and fight back!

Jean Hauritz
Wake up!

Very disturbing information, but it is a must see. Though you may not be a target today there is a very real concern it could be in one of your tomorrow's.

Bill D
Eye opening movie

After watching this movie, I was left speechless. It's definitely worth watching to see how far we've drifted as a country and what the future may hold if we continue to drift.

Norman Guild
Police State

It’s always great when the Epoch Times offers resources capable of enlightening U.S.A. Patriots. This is another perfect example of the work you are doing for our nation. Thank you.

Joseph Bonneville
Says it all

If you want to understand our present events, then watch this video. Explains the agenda that has been unfolding in the US especially in the past few years. I plan on buying additional videos for family and friends who need to be awakened.

anon viewer
Mind-Blowing Incredible

Absolutely outstanding reporting. Should be seen by every patriot in America (which is why I ordered several more copies--for distribution to friends and family)

Mary Dammann


Steve McDonald
The Gestapo, Stasi, Mao, and Stalin Would Be Proud

Dinesh once again did a fabulous job in exposing the dire straits that our country presently finds itself in. People better wake up to what's going on around them because it is almost too late. The new enemies of the regime are white people and Christians of all races. Our founding fathers would weep if they could see the state of this country today. I highly recommend this video. The enemy of the hard-working citizens of this country is our own government.